Halal Zulal
Many Muslims suffer from the problem of halal food discrimination. Therefore, the Halal Zulal application was created to facilitate the Muslims of Germany in the selection of food products in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law.
Where he gives the provision of German food products in terms of the possibility of being addressed by Muslims or not easily
Through the barcode on the packaging and the product.
Application Features:
1 - The possibility of automatic scanning of the bar code of the product by mobile camera.
2 - the possibility of manual entry of the code of the product in the space allocated to him.
3 - The application can address the user in 4 languages (Arabic, German, Turkish and English).
4 - the possibility of sending a picture of the products that do not exist automatically to us so that we can add them.
5. Show product components.
6. Giving a detailed product result.